10 days until the end of our campaign

10 days until the end of our campaign

We are donating $1 to MADD for every new order we receive on Indiegogo during its final 10 days of the campaign! MADD is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end drunk driving and support the victims of these crimes. We fully support their mission of promoting responsible drinking.

MADD Donation

Alcohol brings people together. Who doesn't love kicking back and having a couple of drinks with friends? Our team certainly looks forward to happy hour. That being said, over-consuming alcohol can be dangerous and it is important to drink responsibly.

While the best way to avoid the negative effects of alcohol is to abstain from it altogether, we understand that alcohol consumption is here to stay. Our goal with Morning Recovery is to mitigate the bad by boosting our body's natural response to alcohol; breaking alcohol down and flushing it out from our body. We want to remove the lingering effects of alcohol so that you can get back your time the next morning. We're here to promote responsible drinking and recovery.

- Morning Recovery team.