5 Reasons Livers Love Milk Thistle — And So Do We

5 Reasons Livers Love Milk Thistle — And So Do We

Sure, MR’s liver superhero is dihydromyricetin (DHM), but our formula doesn’t rely on just one ingredient to do the heavy lifting. Enter milk thistle, a flowering plant originally from the Mediterranean that’s been widely used for more than 2,000 years for its wide-ranging properties.

Studies have shown it’s useful in everything from treating skin issues, triggering weight loss and fighting allergies to boosting immunity, improving cognition and lowering cholesterol.

Milk thistle’s biggest claim to fame is its role in supporting your liver’s health. While there’s no single silver bullet for the morning after, studies have shown that this herb’s active ingredients, a wonder flavonoid known as silymarin, boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps keep your liver in check after a night of drinking.

We specifically use milk thistle in our formula because research shows it can help:

  1. Protect and detoxify your liver from toxins (including acetaminophen which is commonly taken to combat symptoms after you’ve had a few drinks);
  2. Protect against and combat the free radicals produced by drinking;
  3. Preserve energy levels thanks to its ability to metabolize toxins
  4. Reduce the morning-after side effects that keep you from being productive (think upset stomach, nausea, fog and more);
  5. Support long-term health and disease prevention thanks to its ability to protect and repair liver cells as well as reduce inflammation associated with overindulging in alcohol;

And a bonus… milk thistle is gentle. Studies report few to no side effects when taken as a supplement.