DHM: Cool Party Trivia & Why It’s Our Liver Superhero.

DHM: Cool Party Trivia & Why It’s Our Liver Superhero.

MR’s liver superhero is dihydromyricetin (DHM), and no, that doesn’t stand for Dope Hangover Magic… in fact, there’s technically (and scientifically) no “cure” for hangovers. That's why we believe that tomorrow starts tonight. We're laser focused on finding ways to mitigate its impact the next morning by focusing on what is happening the night before" or something like that. Our formula uses a cocktail of proven ingredients to block or sidestep the myriad of symptoms triggered in our body when we drink alcohol. And gets us set up for a massively productive day… almost as if the night before never happened. And that’s where dihydromyricetin enters.

Tree to Bar Table

What is this mouthful of letters and what does it do? DHM is a hepatoprotective flavonoid extracted from Hovenia dulcis, a Japanese raisin tree that’s pretty famous in the traditional medicine world. The genus, if you’re into that sort of thing, is “rhamnaceae” and it’s been used throughout Korea, Eastern China and Japan for centuries for its “hepatoprotective” properties (read: it’s like a wingman for your liver).

Like we said, this multitasker is a tree that bears a raisin-like fruit you can eat. The leaves and bark are also used dried, raw, cooked or even brewed into a tea, and have been used for a variety of remedies including dealing with symptoms of drinking too much. Fun fact: One of the earliest known medical documentations of hovenia dulcis’ liver prowess is the year 659 in Tang Materia Medica.


The Science

Since the 600s, science has discovered that DHM is a natural flavonoid i.e. a plant-based wonder nutrient known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory purposes (read: this guy really is that super healthy for your body). DHM helps support your body's natural detox processes after you drink your first sip of booze. Studies show it’s not just effective at protecting and detoxing your liver, but it also helps block alcohol’s effects in your brain by preventing it from impacting your GABA-a receptors (so you keep your coordination and don’t slur your words).

Our formula works the night while you’re drinking thanks to its ability to speed up our enzymes’ natural ability to break down acetaldehyde so you wake up and feel awesome (and productive) the morning after. Those are the toxins created when our liver metabolizes booze. DHM also lessens what’s called “glutamate rebound” in your gray matter so you get fewer headaches and brain fog the next day.


Our Proprietary DHM Methods

Like any super ingredient, not all are created equal. In fact, it’s not just the ingredient itself that matters, but the technology behind how you extract it, purify it and control its efficacy. That’s why we worked with Dr. Liang’s team at University of Southern California (USC) to develop a special extraction method. Sure, you can purchase and consume a DHM supplement off the shelf, but the results won’t be the same. Our method ensures that the effectiveness of DHM is as potent as you can get milligram for milligram.

Bottoms up!