What we've been up to

What we've been up to

Our journey with Morning Recovery started out as a side project. None of us knew that it would take over our lives and become our obsession. This side project even led us to quit our day jobs so we could help your liver full time.

Since our beta product launch two months ago, we received tremendous love and support. Our team cannot thank you guys enough.

We're now gearing towards a public launch via Indiegogo on July 5, and excited to share with you what we've been up to:

1. Dr. Jing Liang - Advisor

We're thrilled to announce that Dr. Liang from USC will be joining our team as an advisor.

Who is she? She's a certified badass!

Dr. Liang holds a MD. PhD degree in Geriatric, Medicine, and is a Neuroscientist and Neuropharmacologist. Her studies have focused on drug developments related to Neurodegenerative diseases, including Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD, and addictions) for more than 20 years.

Previously at UCLA, her team has pioneered key studies behind DHM. We used her findings to formulate v.1 of the Morning Recovery. With her on board, we will work together with her research team to continue to iterate on the best way to reduce negative effects that alcohol has on the body. We’re so excited about this!

From her own words: “Morning Recovery has the necessary ingredients, knowledge, and technology to help you feel great after a night of drinking. I'm a strong supporter of Sisun and his team's mission to continue creating the healthiest solutions for the world."

Few of her publications on DHM and post-drinking remedies:



2. Crowdfunding Video

With our Indiegogo campaign launching on July 5, we focused on creating the ultimate video. What good is creating an effective remedy if we can't tell people about it?

In the video, we wanted to address the question: Does it really work?

Video format has its limitations in addressing this question. With animations and actors involved, we thought about how we could best reduce viewer skepticism. One thing that we did was to get our actors drunk to avoid 'acting' drunk. Oh boy were they wasted. 

Crowdfunding Video

We also included footages of our beta testers in the Bay Area to share their experience with Morning Recovery.

Beta Testers

We also took this opportunity to share our story - going from a software & internet industry in Silicon Valley to creating a CPG company. It turns out, this path isn't a common one.

3. Production Update

Sisun Explains

We recently flew to Korea to meet our factory and ensure that supply chain was ready to start by July 5th. Dealing with a foreign manufacturer has definitely been a struggle for us. After several 1AM conference calls and trips to Korea, we’re confident that Morning Recovery will be ready for mass production and delivery following our Indiegogo launch.

We need your help

We need your help to spread awareness with only 21 days left to launch. Please show us your support by following these two steps:

  1. Join our giveaway and share it with your friends and family
  2. Follow us on Instagram

Thanks again and see you on July 5th!

Morning Recovery Team.